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NOËL Vodka: Pickle Flavored

NOËL Vodka: Pickle Flavored

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Delightfully briney, yet bursting with dill flavor NOËL Pickle Vodka is smooth and savory without the burn.

Made from 100% corn produced in the USA, It is 6x distilled and charcoal filtered to remove any impurities while maintaining balance of character and purity.

Our Ultra-premium Pickle Vodka is great on its own, but also mixes perfectly with bloody marys, martinis, or even marinating meat or vegetables.

Pair with a charcuterie board and those you love, but be careful you might want to keep this vodka all to yourself.

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NOËL Vodka: pickle flavored

Alcohol 30% by Volume | 60 Proof | 750 ml

Made from 100% Corn Produced in the USA

Distilled 6 Times & Charcoal Filtered

Exceptionally Smooth Without Any Burn

No Food Coloring

Gluten Free