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NOËL Tequila: Reposado

NOËL Tequila: Reposado

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A luxurious and intriguing sipper, NOËL Reposado is absolutely delicious. Aged in former Jack Daniels’ oak barrels, it has notes of oak, caramel, almond and baked agave straight out of the oven. Great for those that enjoy a slightly aged mixer for a margarita or paloma while also holding it’s own as a rum or bourbon replacement in an Old Fashioned.

NOËL Tequila is made from a proprietary blend of lowland and highland Blue Weber agave in Jalisco, Mexico. We used this unique blend to reveal the full aroma and flavor of the agave plant. Lowland agave makes tequila taste earthy - peppery – and herbal, while highland agave produces fruity and floral notes.

We are the only distillery in Louisiana to offer a genuinely authentic Reposado tequila. We put our Louisiana spin, flavorful and bold, on the expression - we hope you enjoy it.

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NOËL Tequila Blanco

Alcohol 40% by Volume | 750 ml

Louisiana's Only Tequila

Proprietary blend of both Lowland and Highland Agave

Made in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico

Buttery Caramel & Oak Notes

100% Blue Weber Agave

No sweeteners, glycerin, extracts, or artificial coloring