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NOËL Rum 6YR: Tequila Cask finished

NOËL Rum 6YR: Tequila Cask finished

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Made from Grade A molasses, our ultra-premium 6-year-aged rum is delicious, medium-bodied, velvety smooth, & complex on the palate.

This rum is aged in white American oak and finished in ex-tequila barrels, with the blend of agave adding more in-depth and unique flavors to an already exquisite rum.

The result is an exceptional sipping rum for agave lovers, and a great mixer, especially for Rum Margaritas and Caipirinhas.

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NOËL rum 6yr: Tequila Cask finished

Alcohol 40% by Volume | 80 Proof | 750 ml

Aged 6 Years in American Oak Barrels & Finished in Tequila Casks

Blend of North American and Central American rums

Distilled from Grade A Molasses

Medium-bodied, Velvety smooth